The League of Friends

During 2015 Burton Hospitals League of Friends are celebrating thirty five years of fundraising and support for Queens and Barton Cottage Hospital. To date we have raised over £3, million and are hoping to make 2015 a memorable fundraising year. We are a registered charity whose aim is to support the patients and staff of Queens and Barton Cottage hospitals by providing the essentials and extras, which wouldn't otherwise be readily available.

Our charity is run by a small group of volunteers who regularly give their time and energy in order to help those within the hospital. The League of Friends fundraises to purchase a wide variety of things, such as fresh flowers for the chapel and help desk, televisions, emergency toiletry packs and Christmas decorations. Furthermore, we purchase larger and more expensive pieces of medical equipment. This includes the conversion of a store room into a wet room, an ultrasound diagnostic machine and specialist chairs for stroke patients.

Please see the Annual report page for a more detailed breakdown.